Safeguard Your Paint Job With Paint Protection Film

Safeguard Your Paint Job With Paint Protection Film

Trust your local car detailing service in New York Mills, NY

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding chips and scratches on your car or truck. This type of wear and tear is common, but Glassy Business Window Tinting can help prevent this costly annoyance with Paint Protection Film. Our Paint Protection Film is a 6-millimeter urethane film that’s applied directly to the paint on the front or hood of your car. This is a great option for our customers because:

This film bonds directly to the paint and seals it to protect it against road debris, rocks, salts and insects that can scratch the paint overtime.

It's usually applied to the front end of the car since this is where most road debris comes in contact with your car.

You can choose from a clear or matte finish.

Make sure that your car is protected against the elements every day, and call to schedule an appointment.

Trust only the professionals with your Paint Protection Film

This is a service you want completed by a professional—proper application is essential to its effectiveness. Schedule an appointment to have this service completed in just one day!